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How to Groom a Poodle

One of the challenges that most poodle owners face is keeping it well-groomed. However, if you learn to do it yourself, you are sure that you are going to develop even a great bond with your pet and you will save a lot in the long run. Maintaining you’re a poodle may seem impossible but the truth of the fact is that be sure you can learn how to do it. To do a better job grooming your poodle, you need endurance and readiness to practice the skill. Take a look at this post to learn how best to groom your poodle.

First, you need to brush your poodle. Brushing is crucial for dogs but very significant for the poodles. Poodle hair can easily get entwined together and due to this, it is recommended that poodle with long hair be brushed daily. Brushing your poodle twice in a week is suitable especially if your pet has shorter hair. Begin brushing your poodle’s neck and move down towards the tail. Use a smoother brush to remove matted hair.

Secondly, you need to remove thick tangles and mats on the dog’s hair. After brushing your dog’s hair and you notice that there are tangles that are impossible to remove, you need to use scissors and carefully cut them out. Care must be taken when cutting the tangles as pulling the tangles might pull the pet’s skin making it itchy. Poodles are always predisposed to matting and if they take long without trimming hair it might result in a skin infection.

Thirdly, you need to bath your dog. As poodle-owner, before you begin trimming you your pet with clippers it is vital to make sure that you bathe your dog. Bathing your dog is crucial because it helps prematurely dulling your clippers blades. However, it is important to note that bathing your dog more often is highly discouraged as you can wash away the natural oils that the pet’s coat requires. It is recommended that you wash your dog every three months unless everyday baths are compulsory. While bathing your dog use a shampoo that is specifically made for dogs to avoid causing harm to the pet. Rinse the pet after bathing with shampoo and later on dry the dog’s coat.

Fourthly, ensure that you have clipped all the hair in the ears to allow proper circulation of air and avoid ear infection on your dog. Finally, you need to trim your dog’s nails. As a poodle-owner, it is important to cut shot the nails as overgrown nails can result in pain on your pet. However, it is important to cut the nails properly as without care you risk trimming them too short causing bleeding. These are just but a few simple steps that you should take when grooming your poodle.

As a poodle-owner, it is important to note that at first, you might not realize the desired results when trimming your dog, worry not as with time you will perfect the skill.

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